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Alasdair Nimmo

Under the Insight brand, World Insight Media create print and digital supplements that explore foreign direct investment themes.

Published in London’s City AM and distributed via the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Insight’s model enables our partners to reach London and New York’s financial decision makers.

World Insight Media was founded by Alasdair Nimmo and Stuart Rowa-Dewar. Both Alasdair and Stuart have worked in newspapers for over 20 years in both editorial and commercial roles.

It’s Alasdair’s job to identify, explore and realise commercial opportunities. This involves lots of travel, meetings and proposals. Alasdair is a Fine Arts graduate of the University of Edinburgh.

Stuart commissions the editorial and ensures Insight’s commercial partners are delighted. When he’s not on the phone or his laptop, Stuart can be found in a boxing ring as he’s a qualified boxing coach. He also holds an honours degree in economics and a masters degree in marketing and pr.

For more information on our current and upcoming initiatives you can get in touch with us by filling out the form opposite or emailing Alasdair Nimmo or Stuart Rowa-Dewar.

Stuart Rowa-Dewar

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