The intersection of the UK’s film, games, television and tourism sectors

UK cities as a location for US productions

Between 2015-2017, there was approx. £1.75bn of inward investment into the UK games industry. A large proportion of this came and comes from the USA.


In July, World Insight will publish a report on the UK's creative sector where we will consider the intersecting worlds of film, games, television and tourism. 


Hollywood sign

This report offers cities a platform to reach out to decision makers working in Hollywood.

Within the report we will visit some of the cities and locations that have appeared in Hollywood films as well as some that hope to.


The Glenfinnan Viaduct, as seen in Harry Potter

Wall Street Journal



Published  in the Wall Street Journal, the report will be distributed to 10,000 Wall Street Journal subscribers located in Hollywood, Burbank and Beverley Hills. 

This targeting, which eliminates wasteage, is achieved through, in addition to other research, zip code analysis.

Copies of the report will be distributed in 90210, home to many celebrities.

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Your message in the report will reach Warner Brothers’ studio in Hollywood

Meaning all the major tv and film studios will receive copies of the report with their Wall Street Journal as well as the homes of the wealthiest individuals living in the LA area - eg zip code 90210.

These copies are not just dropped into reception, they’re addressed to individuals working within the organisation.

What’s more, the profile of Wall Street Journal readers

  • 56% of readers are top management

  • 30% of readers manage funds

  • The average household income for US readers is $257,000

  • The average net worth of the US readers is $2.6m


Means the report reaches the decision makers – the people you want to reach.


Within the report there are a number of cost-effective ways to reach out to this exclusive audience,

Editorial, there are limited opportunities to contribute to the editorial content.

To guarantee coverage, there’s sponsored content. These are feature articles either written by World Insight or provided by the client and designed in the house style. How they’re presented can be viewed on pages 4 and five here.

Sponsored content is available in both full and half pages.

The cost of a full page is £995 and a half page £495.

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