page optimised.png is a key source of information for an audience of business owners, entrepreneurs, employees, decision-makers, investors and those working in finance & professional services – as well as users looking for up-to-date political & economic commentary – finally, not forgetting an audience of affluent consumers.

Our digital focus for 2021 is to keep growing the online audience at an increasing rate. As of Jan 2021 has over 2mio unique monthly visitors. 75% of visitors are UK based, 50% of which are Londoners.

Audience  City A.M. attracts a premium audience, outperforming similar leading publishers in these key demographics:



HHI > £70k+ 



Ownership, C-Suite, BDM, Managers 

Blue Hair



Avatar 86


Male is 74% more likely to attract AB users and 40% more likely to attract ABC1 users compared to the total internet.


City A.M. boasts a large Business Decision Maker audience with almost two thirds (64%) of its audience in managerial functions.
50% of the managerial audience work in Finance and IT roles.

Source: Quantcast, Google 2021