Hydrogen - fuel of the future?
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Your organisation is invited  to participate in a series of articles and a round table discussion unpacking "Is hydrogen the fuel of the future"?

This will be the second topic explored in the green economy series on cityam.com. The first, which unpacked the role of local authorities and green finance, in the green revolution can be see www.cityam.com/green-economy/

  • The round table discussion will be held on January 11 and the articles it informs will be published on cityam.com on January 25

  • Topics that will be unpacked include,..

    • Meeting the demand for green hydrogen​

    • Transport - trucks, buses, trains and plancs

    • Carbon capture

    • Hydrogens role in leveling up

For a fact sheet with more details and how you can participate in Is hydrogen the fuel of the future or is it hype?  

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