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Scotland’s seven cities, great places to invest

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

The Scottish Cities Alliance is the unique collaboration of Scotland’s seven cities – Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling – and the Scottish Government, working together to promote the country’s great economic potential.

Scotland’s cities are thriving and continue to create world-class offerings for potential investors. This is supported by the new EY 2016 Attractiveness Survey which revealed that Scotland achieved record-breaking levels of inward investment in 2015.

By working together, the Alliance partners are able to share knowledge and create projects of scale which offer great investment prospects across the business spectrum.

Our Pitch Book showcases £7.5 billion of exciting investor-ready opportunities across the seven cities and our City Key Facts document promotes the strengths of each city and wider activity the Alliance partners are progressing collaboratively.

Scotland’s cities have made considerable progress in adopting open data and smart technologies which will drive innovation, create new business and increased employment opportunities as well as help them deliver city services in a more effective and sustainable way to attract investors and residents.

The Alliance’s flagship Smart Cities Scotland project – Scotland’s 8th City – The Smart City, will create a £24 million programme to take forward co-designed technology and data opportunities that will help achieve the cities’ ambitions to be global hi-tech hubs.

The Alliance also aims to drive forward the agenda for a low carbon future to help lessen the impact of climate change and ensure the future economic prosperity of Scotland. The £10 million hydrogen fuel cell project is at the forefront of this work which will allow Scotland to position itself as one of Europe’s leading adopters of hydrogen technology.

The investment opportunities in Scotland are huge and the Alliance and its partners are committed to working with potential investors to optimise growth for the benefit of the whole of Scotland.

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