Adaptavist established as the ‘go-to’ partner for Fortune 500

Members of Adaptavist’s global team who are supporting clients in 60 countries with software solutions aimed at increasing business productivity

Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category ‘testament to hard work and talent of team’ at British automation software innovator

WITH ONE IN FIVE employees worldwide spending half their working day doing manual tasks, the need for IT to facilitate automation has never been greater. That’s the underlying reason why British automation software innovator Adaptavist has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.

In the last six years, half of Adaptavist’s software sales and more than a third of its services revenues have come from clients in 60 countries who make up more than half of the Fortune 500. Adaptavist helps the world’s most complex companies make radical changes to the way they use software for digital transformation, creating competitive advantage. This year, Adaptavist’s global expansion will continue with new offices set to open in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Tartu (Estonia) and Madrid (Spain). And this will contribute to its continuing employee growth of 50% year on year.

The firm is also witnessing massive growth, increasing revenue 300% year on year from the cloud and adoption of cloud licences growing by more than 70%. It’s no surprise that Adaptavist has recently been named in the Deloitte Fastest Growing Companies list and The Sunday Times Top 100 companies.

Headquartered in London and with offices across Europe, North America and Asia, its clients range from NASA to Oracle, the BBC to Volkswagen, and Siemens to WD-40.

The company’s ongoing success has been built on its partnership with Atlassian, the Australian-based enterprise software company that provides tools for software developers, project managers, and content management. Atlassian is best known for its issue tracking application, Jira, and its team collaboration and wiki product, Confluence.

Having worked with Atlassian since it developed the early versions of its software – Adaptavist was the first UK company to see the true potential for the software – the company has developed a deep technical understanding of how to implement, optimise and scale these tools. Today, Adaptavist is the leading Atlassian partner globally for professional services, managed services, training and Atlassian apps. Adaptavist’s top-level partnership status has helped fuel its own growth by providing consultancy, add-on products, training and support services to help enterprises derive competitive advantage from improvements in their software and IT processes, making significant strides to achieve its aim “to be the biggest and best Atlassian partner by all reasonable measures”.

Not that Adaptavist is alone in its market sector. One of its clients – the 150-year-old John Lewis Partnership (JLP) – looked seriously at three potential suppliers, all of them accredited by Atlassian, to find hosting support and consultancy expertise across the complete Atlassian suite of tools.

Claire Nelson, JLP’s methods and tools lead, opted for Adaptavist because of its focus and expertise. “Key factors,” she said “included their passion for the toolset and demonstrable close links to the Atlassian team.”

Adaptavist is now considered the “go-to” partner in the Atlassian ecosystem, frequently recommended by Atlassian itself, especially when the requirement is complex, innovative or another partner has failed to deliver. Adaptavist is able to deal with the most complex processes and organisations, as well as large-scale implementations.

As such, Adaptavist attracts the best talent in its sector and has developed some of the most popular Atlassian apps (add-ons) including ScriptRunner for Jira, which has more than 20,000 active installations (used by around 25% of all Jira instances). The foundations of Adaptavist are built on the exceptional technical talents of its developers, support engineers and architects that saw the company awarded the inaugural Atlassian President’s Award for Technical Excellence. “Adaptavist has been a strong ecosystem partner for many years,” said Atlassian’s president, Jay Simons. “The work they do with some of our largest and most complex Atlassian customers is, by all accounts, superb. They’ve evolved and adapted with our products and continue to demonstrate the strength of our ecosystem and expert partners.”

In addition to its development services, Adaptavist has built a reputation for its diagnostic and problem resolution skills and its consulting advisory services have helped many clients maximise their investment in Atlassian products. All of these services are fully backed up with training both on and off-site to support the end user in making the most of the ecosystem.

Export has also become vital to the Adaptavist success story. With software a core part of every industry, this has created an opportunity for Adaptavist to export its expertise globally. If the company wasn’t able to address a global market for Atlassian add-ons – and customers that use Atlassian and need to find ways to extend, integrate and automate their software – it would be difficult to justify investing in new product development, as the UK alone wouldn’t be a large enough addressable market. Nor, for that matter, would the company now be able to use the globally revered Queen’s Award.

Commenting on the company winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category, Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO of Adaptavist, said: “This is a truly prestigious national award and a great achievement for the business. “It’s a testament to the hard work and talent of the team here at Adaptavist, who pride themselves on creating great products, effective solutions and outstanding service every day so that our customers in turn can be more productive.”

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