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Unique UK has message for the world: ‘We are ready to trade’

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Graham Stuart, UK Minister for Investment, foresees another strong year for the thriving film industry, backed and supported by government policy

“2020 is set to be a dramatic year in the UK’s history. As the European leader for everything from tech start-ups to university research, sports teams to music stars, the UK’s creativity and energy will be channelled into new and deeper trading relationships. The UK has a unique offering to the world and a clear message: ‘We are ready to trade.’ We are home to exceptional products and services, with UK film and TV a huge draw to global investors. That’s why, as we approach the Academy Awards on 9 February, I am proud to report continued high levels of investment in the UK film and television industry. They reinforce the UK’s reputation as a world-leading location for film and television production as we become an independent trading nation once again. In 2019, spend on film and high-end television production in the UK increased by 16% to reach £3.6 billion ($4.69bn) – the highest on record. The world-class excellence of UK film talent, production crews, visual effects and production services (backed by UK Government policy) has been critical in supporting inward investment into our thriving film industry. Over the past year alone, the UK film industry has enjoyed brilliant successes on and off screen. Major investments from Disney and Netflix, who have both signed long-term deals to make productions at Pinewood and Shepperton studios, reinforced the strength of the UK’s film and highend television production offer. Once again, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized phenomenal British talent in front of and behind the camera. The work of our artists continues to drive investment and attract global productions to the UK, creating jobs for British workers and growth in the industry. I congratulate all the UK nominees and wish them continued success as we look forward to another brilliant year for UK film.”

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