Queen's Award Winner's 2020 report

Cityam.com and in City AM

Winning a  Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is the ultimate business accolade with past winners reporting benefiting from worldwide recognition and a boost to sales.

World Insight and City AM are giving winners the opportunity to Increase recognition of their company and products with the annual City AM Queen's Awards Winner's report.

The report will go live on cityam.com on April 21.

Cityam.com will allow you to introduce your award winning company and its products to a premium business audience of 1.2 million people per month.These are the people that make business decisions - future customers. Find out more about cityam.com's audience here.

How the Queen's Award Winner's report will be presented on cityam.com
Can be seen in this example here. 
A 500 word article, written to an agreed brief, on each participating company.
Article can be shared via social media.
Award feature will run for 330,000 page impressions - a big campaign.
Traffic will be driven to the feature by on site drivers and social media posts.

and in City AM

To maximise readership the report will  be published in City AM once people have fully returned to work. 
The 500 word article that appeared on cityam.com will be run to a half page alongside other winner's article
The cost of participation and appearing in the Queen's Awards Winners' report 2020 on cityam.com and in City AM is £1750.
How these articles will be presented in CityAM can be seen here.

The City AM Queen's Award 2019 Winners' report