Queen’s Awards for Enterprise carry kudos around the planet

Royal Warrants identify companies considered to be at the forefront of trade, innovation and development

THE QUEEN’S AWARDS for Enterprise 2019 are more than the blue ribbon for identifying UK business success – they are also seen by many in the City as signposting companies in terms of ongoing investment opportunity potential. When it comes to the runners and riders in terms of innovation, international trade, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility, here are companies that are seen as favourites to be first past the commercial post. Each of the companies named as winner has been through a rigorous screening process before the judging panel awarded the Royal Warrant, which previous winners have all reported has resulted in worldwide recognition, increased commercial value, greater press coverage and a boost to staff morale. The fact that international trade set the pace in the award stakes since they were launched will be welcome news for the government in terms of overseas revenue as the UK remains in the shadow of Brexit.

All the winners have had to demonstrate that their business has achieved substantial growth in overseas earnings and in commercial success – contingent on the size of their business and sector – through either outstanding achievement over three years or continuous achievement over six years. This in-depth report looks at four companies that are blazing trails in overseas markets.

Aviation News was set up in 2010 and produces industry journals and organises global conferences serving the international aviation finance and leasing industry. It has shown

triple digit revenue growth in every one of its eight years of business, despite being hit hard by the fall of sterling following the Brexit referendum. Profit margins during the eight years of account have averaged 35%, rising to 41% in the most recent year. In the past five years, Aviation News has donated a percentage of profits each year to various charities.

Adaptavist is a British automation software innovator which is headquartered in London with offices across Europe, North America and Asia. Its clients range from NASA to Oracle, the BBC to Volkswagen, and Siemens to WD-40. In the last six years, half of the company’s software sales and more than a third of its services revenues have come from clients in 60 countries who make up more than half of the Fortune 500. Adaptavist has also recently been named in the Deloitte Fastest Growing Companies list and The Sunday Times Top 100 companies.

BioStrata is a specialist marketing communications agency connecting companies in the life science sector with customers worldwide in order to assist in the adoption of cutting-edge products and services that drive scientific discovery and impact the world. The agency’s international sales over the last three years have grown from £445k to £1 million, an increase of 125%. Today, it is headquartered in Cambridge, with an office in Boston, USA. Innovation, while it comes second in terms of the number of awards, is seen to have equal importance, as it so often underpins successful companies. One such innovator singled out to be covered in this report is SciChart.

 SciChart’s game-changing innovation was to combine proprietary data resampling algorithms and technology from the gaming industry for speed and performance of graphics with enterprise software applications, resulting in a software library which was able to draw charts, graphs and other visualisations many orders of magnitude faster than competitors. Like the remainder of the winners, all the companies featured in this report will now be attending a garden party in their honour hosted by Her Majesty The Queen.